"The Long Way Home" is a photography magazine to inspire the Journey to Artist. Available in both digital and print editions, its pages are filled with wisdom and inspiration from fellow artists on the path. We created this magazine because we wanted to lend a sense of community to all those who feel the need to create deep within their souls. So often we say "I am just a mom with a camera", or "I am only a hobbyist". We fear the words "Photographer" or "Artist". To us, photography is not about the number of likes on your page, the number of clients, or the model of the camera you carry. It is about dropping that basket load of laundry to grab your camera when you see the gorgeous afternoon light falling through the window. It is about taking the long way home because the sunset is amazing. It is about taking your camera everywhere because your art is not limited to a studio. We want people to be inspired to shoot from the heart and love what they create because it is them, whether or not the world loves it along with them. Whether we envision our work on gallery walls, in magazines or on the walls of our own home, our art is important. No one else has the same point of view and we deserve to reach our potential as artists. We know the journey from hobbyist to artist is daunting and we want to share the lessons we learn along the way. In the pages of the magazine we will read about lessons artists have learned along their own paths to provide us with inspiration, support and validity as we progress on our own. Visit the shop to buy your print or digital magazine.


What Readers Have to Say


"I just finished reading it and it was incredible. Congratulations! You ladies and

the contributors have really created something beautiful that was badly needed in this industry"

Sherri Davis Photography



"I loved receiving the first issue of "The Long Way Home" magazine. The articles were personal and inspiring.

The magazine itself is of amazing quality and the selection of photos and artists were magnificent. I highly recommend this magazine

to other photographers who like to be inspired by the journeys of others."

Evelyne C. Lourenco Photography



"It's more beautiful than I imagined and packed full of beautiful images, inspiration and support!"

Anita of My Three Sons Images