Along the Way: Amy Lucinda Photography

For this week's "Along the Way" post, we have beautiful words and images from Amy Shire. Amy is located in Melbourne, Australia and is the photographer at Amy Lucinda Photography. Here are her words:

" A man can learn so many things from the water. Our little pocket of this beautiful bay in Victoria, Australia, is the ideal classroom. My photography journey started with a simple desire to frame memories of my boy's fleeting childhood, and it soon became something much more powerful than that.  There is no cure for curiosity, he is oblivious to the sound of my camera as he drifts into his own wild world. His focus slips in the kinder room, but by the bay, hours are easily passed assessing sticks for their potential as swords, arrows, catapults, and goalposts. We thrillseekers set goals to climb rocks and balance on jetties. We practice our pencil grip with the longest feather we can find. We discover empathy and compassion for weird and wonderful sea creatures. We breathe in the fresh, salty air and breathe out the tensions and worries from our everyday lives. We embrace and talk. We connect. "

You can find her work on her instagram and facebook.