Along the Way: Christa Doucette

We are pleased to have Christa Doucette for this week's "Along the Way" post. Christa is a photographer in Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. Here are her words about the beautiful photos you are about to see.

"Fall in Saskatchewan tends to be short lived and very frigid.  This year we've been blessed with moody overcast days free from the chill and snow that typically accompanies this season.  Our family has been utilizing the mild     weather and spending time enjoying our yard before the deep freeze and blanket of snow arrives.  Our swing set is definitely one of the most loved and utilized places in our yard.  The children have also taken over the old green house that is nestled along our fence line and have turned it into their club house.  It had been a while since I had poked my head inside and was delighted to see the bright colors of their imaginations splashed on the walls.  It wasn't long before the children started complaining of chilled noses, but I do cherish the time we did get."

You can see more of her work on her website and facebook