Along the Way: Magda Mikulska-Rekita

My photography journey began when my son was born, which was almost six years ago. It soon became my passion. What I love about photography the most is capturing everyday moments, real connections, authentic emotions. I don't need my pictures to be pretty and sharp, I want them to evoke feelings.

One day an idea came to my mind- I wanted to photograph a woman. I had a very specific vision, new exactly what mood I wanted in the pictures. So I started looking for a girl willing to be my model.
I am surrounded by women of all ages and shapes, they are mothers, wives, businesswomen, artists. I never expected to have such difficulties finding one eager to be a part of my project. I came to realize that all of them look into the mirror and see their flaws. Wrinkles. Cellulite. Short legs. Fat arms. Breast not big enough. Or breasts too big. They are too skinny or too fat. Too short or too tall. Well, I used to be one of them, didn't I.... When I was in high school I had a group of best friends. There were six of us. Five, including me, had an eating disorder.

You probably know the song by Colbie Caillat, "Try", very inspiring :)

"Wait a second,
Why should you care what they think of you.
When you're all alone, by yourself, do you like you?"

I decided I was going to make it more than just one session, I wanted to show that a woman is beautiful and sexy just the way she is, no fancy clothes, no heavy make up, no Photoshop. I went to my friends' homes, talked to them, and documented the beauty I saw.
The project is called Sauté