Along the Way: Rose Amelia

On Criticism

by Rose Amelia

So lately some things have been floating around about if someone says something ‘nasty’ about your photos throw them out like a dirty rag. Sometimes that is the case if someone is just being plain ugly, but we can confuse true criticism with a piece of wisdom.

To learn something you need what? You? Yes but only you? No.  You always need someone.  Someone who you can go to and ask questions, but most of all someone who is willing to help you grow, and by this they may post which seems to you a hurtful comment on your image! But really did it because they care about you and your future work. What do you do?  Sadly most people in a fit of anger,  go to their page or message them with a very hurtful message or privately whine in a group, and if you’ve done this, do you know what you are? A hypocrite.  

You just did the same thing to them if it really was a hurtful comment.  Instead we should be kind and loving, because whatever led them to that comment might have just been put there with brokenness.  Who knows why they put it there, but what do you do? What should you do?  If its directly on your image, delete the comment and move on with your life, because posting about the person's page and then telling everyone to go bash that person is just plain mean and shows some insecurities about yourself.   If its a message, tell them thank you.  Just say thank you and move on! It won’t be the response they’d expect and it might change them.  You never know.

My point is, don’t turn around and do the same thing to them.  It will come back around on them and slap them in the face.   They’ll learn eventually.  But truly examine the comment or message! Don’t give hate, but give it love.  

Which sounds better.  Try to help someone who might be struggling or beat and break them into pieces because they shared an ugly comment that offended you.  I’d much rather choose 1.

So if you’re still reading this, good.  I really admire that.  You might need a change.  It may sort of punch someone in the face, but truth hurts.  No matter how much sugar you put on top, if you aren’t willing to change or learn something, you will turn it all the way around to being ‘offensive’.

This is a problem in the photography industry I’ve noticed.  You can’t say anything on a photo unless its “love this!” or you’ll be kicked and beaten by everyone, and whatever chance you had with your business, is gone.. I’m not saying let people attack you like that, but there might actually be some wisdom! Just be open to wisdom and instruction.  ♥

So if you’re giving them a loving answer.  I applaud you.  If you are giving them hate for hate.  I truly wish you to rethink your decision in doing so.  What will it do for you? What will it do for them? Nothing at all.  

xoxoxo ♥

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

― Dita Von Teese