Create the Cover: Sharon Covert Photography

This week we announced the winner of the January 2016 Cover Contest. It was the very talented Sharon of Sharon Covert Photography. We were intrigued to know more about this image and  we asked her a few simple questions: 

What are the camera settings for the image? 

I used my Canon 5D Mark III for "The Bow" . It was taken with my 35L lens at f/2, 1/125ss, and ISO 640. 

What inspired you to create this image? 

I began my journey of self portraiture during a difficult time of loss and grief in my life. Over the last two years my audience has witnessed my unraveling and transformation. Many times my self portraits were considered dark, but for me it was the only way to set my truths free. With "The Bow" , I wanted to express hope and innocence, but at the same time I needed it to be raw and human still.

Why you love this image? 

What I love about this image is that through a difficult time, I could still find light, growth and healing. This image represents that.