Along the way: Marlene Sayson

We have a gorgeous series of images to share with you today. It is simplicity at it's best. The story of documenting the stages our children pass through as they grow and ,even if their fascination is a washing machine, I think you want to have these images to show them when they grow older. They will never believe you otherwise. We are grateful Marlene of Forever Young Photography thought to grab her camera. This is what she had to say:

My 3 kids were always obsessed with the washing machine at a young age. They'd press the buttons, turn the dial, watch the washing spin around and they'd even climb into it! On this particular day, my boys were both at Kinder so I had my daughter at home, just the two of us. Of course I had washing to do and of course she followed me in there and refused to come out. What an opportunity to document this short story. It's something I mention to people when we chat about our kids. I think most kids love the washing machine, so why not document it with physical images. 

 You can follow her stunning work here.