{holiday} traditions: weekly favorites

"Every family has a story that it tells itself, that it passes on to the children and grandchildren. The story grows over the years, mutates, some parts are sharpened, others dropped, and there is often debate about what really happened. But even with these different sides of the same story, there is still agreement that this is the family story. And in the absence of other narratives, it becomes the flagpole that the family hangs its identity from."


We absolutely LOVED each and every traditions submission! Thank you for sharing your images and a piece of your family's story!

The winner is SummerK Photography with this little sneak peek into her home engaged in their holiday tradition without care of the outside world.  A very appropriate submission since this theme is doing just that; giving us all a little sneak peek into your own worlds of holiday traditions.

The weekly favorites in no particular order....

This week's theme over on the Journey to Artist Facebook page is Holiday: Sparkle.  We can't wait to see what gets submitted this week!!