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knocking down barriers-

It was quite early on into my journey - a journey that will continue for a very long time – that I learned to stop looking for flaws in each picture that comes out of my camera.

It’s so easy to spend hours thinking it’s not perfect, how can i make this perfect.  To me now, there is no perfect. My children are not perfect (although they’re perfect for me - and I feel pretty lucky!l;) and so the images I’m trying to steal of them lost in their moments, would probably be far from perfect also to reflect this. When I say far from perfect, I mean, some may be out of focus a little, maybe not the perfectionist’s idea of a good composition but to me, that composition is fitting for how they are playing.  The glare of the sun may be a little strong, their faces might be screwed up a little, it may be the wrong time of day to get that pretty softness that is so pleasing to the eye.

But it started to worry me less and less. And the less I worried about it, not giving myself restrictions, the better I liked my pictures. They seemed to fit in with my children a lot better. I played with different lenses, vintage, lens babies and I loved that imperfectness about those. I knew to many it wouldn’t fall into their good photography category. But of course, we can’t please everyone. We all have so many different tastes.

I saw that some rules are meant to be broken and I feel sometimes should be broken. To knock down barriers and explore.  And it feels so good to break them and still come up with a result that love and hopefully others like too.

Don’t get me wrong, i adore pictures that to me seem perfect. I see beauty in them and am in awe of how some photographers seem to get it spot on every time. I could spend hours poring over other photographer’s work. The ones that get it pin point sharp every single time, with neat set ups and composition pleasing to the eye, and yet still manage to convey truth, beauty, all of that in their images. I get them too. And love to have my fix of those artists. But I am not one of those, and came to terms with that a while ago and now embrace and love the flaws that to me are not flaws but truth in my work.

My children do not wait for my camera. Unfortunately, more so, the older they get. They run, they will not slow down. They play wildly and do not stop for me. Just about all my pictures are snatched in seconds, literally seconds. Because my pleas go unheeded and so I have to grab those moments so fast. And so, my pictures are taken before I can tweak any settings. But that just makes me smile somewhat. It’s what childhood should be and I don’t blame them for not waiting. The moments of them not waiting are what I want to look back on in my albums. The sad faces, the sulky moments, the arguments, as well as the happy tears and moments of sheer love between them

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