Create a Cover: Lindsey Bergstrom

We love to ask the artist who created the image we use as the cover a few simple questions. We are always inspired and this edition is the same.  Lindsey of Lindsey Bergstrom  Photography is  the artist and these are her answers to our questions: 

What are the camera settings:  ISO 1800 50mm f3.5 1/1000sec

What inspired you to create this image? I have been in this greenhouse many times and had yet to take a photograph in there.  The architecture and details along with the lighting just went together so well. 

Why is this image special to you? This image was taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens, a place that is near and dear to my family.  It is a place of comfort and calm for all of us. We go there whenever we can.  I have photographed my children there more times than I can count. My goal is to make an album that highlights my children's lives and the years we spent exploring and enjoying our time there together.