{Along the way} : Laurie Endsley

We all know the importance of capturing the moment but we often forget to print and display our favourite photos. Laurie of Laurie Endsley Photography shares why her home is filled with the images that are most important to her. Please share some love on her social media after reading her inspiring words. 

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Walk in to my home and the first thing you will notice is all the photographs. Photographs, canvases, metals decorate my walls, my shelves and my studio. What I love is displayed everywhere. Like ridiculously displayed everywhere. There are pictures of my three children as babies, and ones from when my husband and I got married. But beyond that, there are faded images of my dad at 18 in Wyoming standing next to my grandfather, who had been gone for years. And of my siblings and I playing at the beach and that little 4x6 of my brother and I wearing Mickey Mouse ears circa 1986, and he’s pinching me. I don’t remember him being that mean, it but I have proof so I know it happened. Because I have a photograph.

One of my favorites is a faded black and yellowish photograph, it probably started out as black and white but it’s been around awhile, it’s an image of my maternal grandparents wedding. 1946. My grandfather had just come back from World War II and my grandmother could be more than 18 years old. They are so young, almost 20 years younger than I am now and so happy it radiates off the paper. That moment is captured and it is not forgotten or lost because I have it and I see it every day when I sit down in my studio to work. And other than it hanging on my wall and my clients, friends and family seeing it, it will be lost. You see my grandfather is 93 and my grandmother has Alzheimer’s and Dementia. If this image was on facebook, maybe it would pop up as a “memory” maybe not. That is not fair to the beauty of a moment that started almost 70 years of marriage. It deserves a place of honor and to be remembered, your life deserves to be remembered.

They didn’t have Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Snapchat. Instead they had print images and for generation people have displayed what they love, in homes, offices and wallets.  But we have gotten away from hanging images on our walls. Instead we snap a quick shot and quickly upload the blurry out of focus low resolution it to social media, and call it good enough.

We take photographs, and we should be committed to letting our art and our heart and souls be on display, so we can inspire others to do the same. My children’s faces light up my walls. YOU come in and you aren’t guaranteed to just see the professional images but that one of them screaming and cry, I got that baby framed and in my gallery because this is my life and I love it. I want others to love it too! 

Our memories and our stories deserve better than that kind of treatment. So print your images, frame up those family photos and then throw a party and let everyone you know see that you not only can wear your heart on your sleeve but you can also hang it on your walls.