Awaken {With Me} Weekly Favourites

Thank you to our guest judge, featured artist Elizabeth Willson of It's Still Life Photography. Elizabeth has chosen a beautiful set of images.

First of all lets congratulate Moments by Mancuso on this amazing winning shot.

Elizabeth says "I am so drawn to this image on so many levels. I love the dramatic lighting, the play of light & dark, the lines. The framing between crib and window highlight the struggle between longing to stay by baby's side yet also escape to the world out there. The expression on the subject's face and her posture indicate a sense of peace mixed with wonder. And even though we can't see who she is {with}, the details of the empty bottle and alarm clock point to a little one who could wake at any moment creating a sense of anticipation. This image tells a beautiful story and was beautifully created and converted. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous, "Awaken with me" image."

And now for some more of Elizabeth's top picks and a little she had to say about them <3 .

Peach and Port
"Oh, my, so much to love here! The color pops, the lighting on her face, the way the subjects are curled together, the tender hands, the composition. Lovely!"

Maggie Fuller Photography
"I love the framing and perspective of this image!"

Vicki Winston Photography
"WOW! The bokeh and mystery and movement of this image are awesome!"

Roots and Twigs Photography
"The focus on the flower highlights what the subject is awakening with and how the flower's lines lead you to the elbow to hand to face. It's perfect how the subjects head is then framed within the light of a window. And the bokeh on the ring just adds the perfect touch of energy to this otherwise calming image."