Along the way: Courtney Day

Courtney of Dear Day Photography shared these images that will flip your mind. She played with composition to create a stunning series. We asked her to share a little about this series and how she created them.


It's why we're in this whole business, right? 

It's why we follow pages like Journey to Artist, and delve into their challenges. We're looking for something to push us to grow. Something to push us just past our comfort zone, but not too far. I mean, we still want to be true to ourselves, right?

But if you're like me, sometimes you compare yourself to everyone else and suddenly don't feel so great about those last photos you just shot that you were so proud of. Comparing- such a thrill zapper. And then you start pushing back those little ideas you had. You may make adjustments with your editing to make it look more like what you think everyone else wants to see. You may feel that need to be consistent with your editing so that you're "recognizable."

This weekend, a storm came through and blew down one of our trees. Roots and all, which held onto a large piece of land making a pretty neat looking scene. When I went out to scope it out in the pouring rain with my husband, I got an instant vision for these photos. I didn't even have to think on it. My imagination just lit up. I knew right then I was getting these boys out there to play on this tree asap. Tomorrow. Not at midnight. In the pouring rain.

As sad as it is to see such a beautiful structure fall like that, it gave me a rush of creativity. I was instantly transported to this little world where the boys were walking up trees, and the ground was upside down. It's been said before (more eloquently) that photography evolves you into this creature that sees something totally different than what is actually in front of you. Something so much more magical. A different world. 


Like, a child's world in my case. Ever see those kids in public just doing their thing? Playing or talking to their self with not a care in the world about how crazy they might look? No. They don't care. I want to be like that. My boys inspire me every day and teach me so much more than I could have ever imagined. So now, I think like a kid.. And when I wasn't even looking for it, this blank canvas for my imagination just showed up out of nowhere. Look for those blank canvases. Take advantage of those mind boggling scenes (however ordinary they may look to everyone else) with whatever comes to your mind first, even if you think it's totally against your normal style. Or that submitting them to anything might make you look loony. Do it anyway.

Our imaginations never left us. They may have taken a back seat to all the adult things we have to do and opinions we have to lug around, but they are still in there. Even when shooting what I love, I don't always feel like I'm fulfilling my true creativity, and I think a lot of that comes from suppressing it for so long. Not everyone is going to "get" your photos. Not everything (or anything) we do is going to be earth-shatteringly popular with the crowds. Do it anyway.

Especially if it's for your personal work, try for once to be inconsistent. Tinker with your editing style. Try funky compositions while shooting. Think of an angle, and then think of it's opposite angle. And another opposite angle. I've held back on doing things before because I just didn't think "that's how you were supposed to do it." I needed permission from another artist that that's what they did, so now I can do it. Well, I'm a measly contributor to the photography world with mountains of growth to do, but I give you permission to change up your editing. Want a darker mood for half of the edits, and a lighter mood for the other half? Go for it. 

Get out of your own way.
Think like a kid.

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