Create the Cover: Amy Shire

What were the camera settings for this image: : f 2.8, 1/640, ISO 100, 24mm.

What was your inspiration for the image? I had been taking photos of the gorgeous pregnant mama, and all of a sudden her little girl started to cry because she had scratched her hand in the sea. So her mummy bent down and splashed water onto her hands. At that moment, I noticed the light reflecting off the water between them and so I quietly photographed the calm, beautiful moment.

Why do you love this image? I love that the light reflecting off the water looks as though it is passing from the mother's hands into her daughter's hands. I also love the intimacy between mother and daughter here, and I'm glad I chose the perspective of shooting almost in line with their hands as I feel that this highlights their connection.

A little about the artist. Amy Shire of Amy Lucinda Photography. She lives Melbourne, Australia but she grew up in a pretty, rural area in England, moved to London in her twenties where she did the corporate thing, and now is making the most of the sunshine in fabulous Melbourne!  She is enjoying her wild bay side life with her two gorgeous little boys, and her sweet man.

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