Along the Way: Colleen Putman.

I’ve been a photographer for almost a decade now, and have loved using this medium to show how I view the world, as well as take portraits of my lovely clients.  Earlier this summer, however, I realized that my heart wasn’t as present in my photographs as it always has been.  I began to explore this feeling internally, and I also reached out to a close group of photographer friends to ask if they had ever felt the same, and if they had any advice for me.  These supportive ladies collectively acknowledged they’ve been in the same place, creatively, and encouraged me to explore different avenues of photography this summer and break from my consistent manner of shooting, which I have wholeheartedly been doing!  I dusted off my old point and shoot underwater camera and brought it swimming with me quite often, playing around with this fun yet challenging way of photographing under the surface.  I also began volunteering once a week at the Museum of Modern Art here in NYC, which allows me to happily immerse myself in a world of painters, photographers, sculptors, and designers.  Additionally, I’ve tried my best to stay away from social media when possible; opting instead for reading some wonderfully inspiring books I’ve let pile up on my night table.  I dare say I’ve been inspired, as I surprised myself with this technically flawed, yet almost painterly photograph I shot recently underwater.