Along the Way: Chelsey Hill Photography

Last summer I quit my corporate job in order to spend more time being a mom and to devote more time towards my photography business.  Back then my mind was cluttered with deadlines, appointments and endless to-do lists.  There was little room during the week for playtime with my two daughters.

One hour a day was all I had. That was the amount of time I got to spend with my youngest daughter during the work week. One hour filled with rushing around to get her fed, bathed and put down to sleep. When broken down into the amount of quality time I got to spend with her, I got a whopping 20 minutes.   Just 20 minutes a day to hold her in my arms, to make her laugh, to hold her little hands and give her kisses.

The full-time working mom role is a challenging one. It’s emotionally exhausting trying to uphold an image of that woman who’s got both worlds perfectly balanced. Because being everything to everyone is just not realistic.

I didn’t want those early years of their lives to slip away, but here I was watching them slip by, wondering where the time had gone.

These pictures of my little girls playing in the sink represent a new chapter in our lives.  A chapter filled with fun days at home and adventures with momma. I likely would have never taken this series had I still been working. 

It’s amazing how much more I enjoy these sweet little moments now that our lifestyle has slowed down.  I spend much more time documenting our days together because I know these mundane memories will fade so quickly.  Because once I no longer here the pitter patter of their little feet in our house, it will be these captured moments that I’ll sift through to bring me back to our adventures at home.

These are the moments I yearned for when I was working full-time.  And they are the memories that I now get to savor forever.

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