Along the Way: Little Forest Photography

I am not a writer, but I often write.  I am not an artist but I do art.  I am not a photographer but I always take photos.  I do not see myself as any of these things, yet the world label me as such.  I see these labels as prestige, something I wish I was, but I do not live my life that way.  Instead, I recognise myself as a documenter.  I document my life.  I document the life of my children.  I document our stories.  I have been like this for the best part of my life.  I have collected keepsakes for as long as I could remember.  I have always been interested in old family photos, and old family documents, and I often wonder what it would be like to walk in the footprints of my ancestors. 

We are living on a lake at the moment.  Its beautiful, and it is temporary.  I love this time in our lives.  We feel free.  It is almost like it was when I was a child, and got to explore the mountain streams a few hundred meters from my childhood house, where we lost track of time, following our paper boats down stream.  I do not have a lot of photos of that time, and seeing my kids get lost in their own heads, while exploring nature, is my pictures.

I want to document this time for us.  These fleeting moments.  When picking up sticks for our indoor fire was exciting and the most important job.  When walking into knee deep mirror like water was so mesmerising that they did not realise the wetness in their shoes.  I want to capture the details of their eyelashes, the messiness of their hair.  I want to capture how carefree they were at this age.  I want to capture our environment and most importantly, I want to capture relationships.

This is our life.  This is our story.  We are writing it. Me?  I just document what is already there.

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