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Volume IX: The Crossroads Issue (July-September 2017)

Volume VIII: The BElonging Issue (April-June 2017)

                         Volume VII: Digital Issue $15.00 USD                                             Volume VII: Print Copy Only*(See note) $36.00

VOlume VI: Courage (September-november 2016)

                          Volume VI: Digital Issue $15.00 USD                                                    Volume VI: Print Copy Only*(see note) $36.00       


Volume V: Connection (June-August 2016)

                         Volume V: Digital Issue $15.00 USD                                              Volume V: Print Copy Only*(see bottom) $36.00 USD         



Volume 4: Surroundings (March-May 2016)

         Volume IV: (March-May 2016) Digital Issue $15.00 USD                              Volume IV: (March-May 2016) Print Issue $36.00 USD                 


Volume 3: Change (January/February 2016)

         Volume III: (Jan/Feb 2016) Digital Issue $15.00 USD                                    Volume III:(Jan/Feb 2016) Print Issue $30.00 USD


Volume 2: Tradition (November/December 2015)

           Volume II: (Nov/Dec 2015) Digital Issue $15.00 USD                                   Volume II: (Nov/Dec 2015) Print Issue $30.00 USD

Volume 1: September/October 2015

               Volume 1: (Sep/Oct 2015) Digital Issue: $15.00 USD                                Volume 1: (Sep/Oct 2015) Print Issue $30.00 USD

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